QlikView Professional Services


QlikView is one of the most successful Business Inteligence software platforms on the market today, due in no small measure to its design architecture. It has been the fastest growing BI product for several years now and currently boasts more than 26,000 customers in 100 countries – and it has achieved this phenomenal growth because it is easy to use, very powerful, scalable and quick to deploy – giving a very rapid Return On Investment, superior indeed to most competitive products on the market.

Most QlikView implementations are on-premise or on-site, so how do we react to the global trend that has seen most software products move to the cloud?

In the last decade or more we have watched the extraordinary growth of cloud applications, first Google and then Social Media applications from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter started to make their way onto millions of desktops and laptops – and latterly mobile devices and the Smartphone. Business software providers looked on warily – not sure if any ‘serious’ application would make it in the cloud. The main concern here was with security I think and to some extent – it still is!

Business believed that their data was more secure if it was managed internally by their own staff, on their own systems and on their own premises – and to a large extent I agreed with that position. The cloud was unproven, response times were unreliable, how could we be sure our data is secure etc; etc; - so many questions meant to answer meant that we kept our ‘Business Applications’ on our own premises.

SalesForce changed all that! Of all the applications to move to the cloud, I never believed that a Customer Relations Management system would make it. When you think about it – a CRM system holds the most sensitive data a company could possibly have – it’s pipeline! If a competitor could get their hands on this highly sensitive data they would wreak havoc. But SalesForce made it – today they have revenues of $3 Billion+ (approx) and their last quarter showed growth of 35% over the previous one. And SalesForce was born in the cloud – there is no on-premise version. This means that business users have overcome their fears and are happily placing their most sensitive data in the cloud.

Workday is now doing the same for sensitive data about staff and resources.
So will Business Intelligence move to the cloud? I absolutely believe it will and there are several Business Intelligence software companies who, like SalesForce have been ‘born in the cloud’ and are hoping to emulate their success. Companies like GoodData, BIRST, Metricly and the like.